Behind the Scenes of an Instagram Addict

behind the scenes of an instagram addict

Instagram is my social media platform of choice. I love it for the creativity, the community and because it enables me to tell a story in a more visual way than just writing.

Have you ever wondered where Instagrammers get their inspiration from? Have you wondered how they get overhead shots with both their hands? This is the sort of thing I wonder about.

So, I'm now sharing another story. The behind the scenes story of my Instagram pictures. I want to share what inspires me and how it becomes part of my Instagram narrative.

It's a warts and all account though. I break my gorilla pod, drop my camera and have to use a very basic way to keep my iphone in position! I'll let the film explain more...

behind the scenes of an instagram photo

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How Pitch Perfect 2 Helped Me with My Online Platform

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