How Pitch Perfect 2 Helped Me with My Online Platform

Online Platform Building

Really? Pitch Perfect 2 helped me with my online platform?

Well, yes. See, if you don’t know anything about my background, I started this blog about social media marketing for writers and creatives because I didn’t think the topic fitted in seamlessly with my slow-living, chicken-keeping, writing and baking vibe on my original blog, A Bookish Baker.

I’d done the courses and learned that I had to niche and hone in on my subject matter. Which is good advice. After all, are the readers who are coming to me for my chicken stories or my rhubarb cordial recipe also interested in social media marketing? Probably not.  So this blog was created.

I’ve also done lots of research – oh my goodness the research I’ve done. I’ve done so much research on marketing, signed up to so many email lists, joined so many Facebook groups that meant by the time I came to write posts for this blog – I’d forgotten who I was. I'd forgotten what my message is.

I had thought this blog had to be something other than myself. That I had to be chameleon-like and be just like some of the American bloggers, course creators and so on whom I admire so very much.

I was focusing on what would make a good headline on Pinterest rather than figuring out what I wanted to say.

The whole point of this blog was to give advice, to impart my wisdom on social media marketing, so my audience can adapt the advice for their purposes.  

But I cannot compete with the likes of Femtrepreneur or Tara Swiger. These ladies are brilliant at what they do.

And I shouldn't compete. I should be me. The me that makes sense to me and makes sense to my specific audience (does that make sense? Ha!)

As Sara from Me and Orla said recently on twitter:

Why choose to be a second rate version of someone else, when you could be a first class version of yourself?
— Sara Tasker, Me and Orla

Or, in Pitch Perfect 2 terms, why were the Barden Bellas trying to compete with Das Sound Machine by being exactly like them as in the YouTube clip above? They needed to re-discover their own sound. (By the way if you haven't seen this film, Das Sound Machine are an a capella group and are brilliant.)

I created this blog and immediately got stage fright. I couldn’t write a blog post because I didn’t know what I was trying to write anymore. What was my message? Who was my audience? What made me think I could advise people on marketing?

So, I’m going back to basics. I’m rediscovering my ‘sound’; my writing voice.

My advice for anyone else struggling with this?

Take advice from experienced writers, bloggers and creatives on board. But don’t listen to hundreds of people. Just go with a few who you like the sound of. Who speak your language. Who seem to understand what you do.

Then adapt their advice to fit in with your creativity - with your voice.

You don’t have to be carbon copies of other people. There is so much noise on the internet that what makes you stand out is...well, you