My business will be lead by a strong desire to help other writers and creatives.
Writers and creatives who are both passionate about what they’re creating but also want to purposely grow their online presence and find an audience who will be hungry for their books and products.

I'm Helen Redfern from A Bookish Baker and I've set up this website as a resource for writers and creatives who want to create a social media platform or a marketing strategy - but have no idea where to start.

Because that's exactly how I felt two years ago.

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Since 2015 I've been focusing on building my online platform as a writer. Publishers were telling me I needed a TV platform to successfully sell a recipe book.

I didn't fancy my chances on TV (and I didn't fancy being on TV!) so I decided to concentrate on the internet platforms I'd been tinkering with for the past ten years. 

Blogging, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram - I had somewhat of a presence on all of them. But I was treating it like a hobby. What would happen if I got more serious with them? What would happen if I started to look at my writing and social media as a business and showed up regularly and consistently?

Well, Instagram was the first platform I concentrated on. And I'll tell you what happened. By showing up (almost) every day, by consistently creating (good quality) pictures and writing captions that resonated with an audience, I grew my following. I'm now currently near the 12,100 follower mark. Next, I'm putting my energies into other platforms such as Pinterest.

As I learn new things I'll upload tutorials and detailed blog posts to help you with your online platform.

Every month I'll be sending out a round up of useful tips I've found as I experiment and grow my writing platform. For example, is a Facebook page worth the time and effort for a writer and creative? Or, would it be worth spending the time elsewhere? I'll be working on my A Bookish Baker Facebook page over the next few months to see just how much work is involved in order to grow a platform there.

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What do you need help with?


You might just want to browse this site, starting with the blog - feel free to have a look around. 

If you'd like specific help You can book in for a report or for some mentoring. In the report I'll look at your current online presence and compare it to your goals to give you ideas on how you could improve. Or, we can chat via Skype or Facetime and address your specific concerns in more detail in my mentoring sessions. 

You might just be utterly confused and not know what to do next. Or what to do for the best. In that case please email me and tell me. Believe me when I say I've felt utterly confused at times myself. 


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