If you're looking to build your online platform there's probably a myriad of questions zooming through your head:


Am I using the right social media platform?

Why isn't my audience growing?

I know where I want to be but how do I get there?

There are so many voices shouting online. Who will hear me?

I want to do it but I'm really nervous about sharing my writing or creativity online. 

Everyone else online seems to be really confident. How am I going to compete with them?


Sound familiar?

You know, you're really not on your own.

It's so easy to let all these doubts stop you from doing something you know you'll enjoy or something you know is essential to grow your audience and your business.


How do I know?

Because I've been there myself. I've been that person who fears putting my writing online, sharing my creativity, wondering how to get a social media platform to work for me. 


How did I work it out?

I got help. Simple as that. I hired a coach to help me work out exactly what I wanted to do and how to get there.

And I developed my online platform, starting with Instagram, with the help of an Instagram mentor.

Since then I've taken courses on creating videos, Pinterest and websites. I've developed in confidence as I came to realise I know quite a lot about social media and marketing. I also have a degree in business and a background in Professional Services Marketing and I dusted off my marketing skills.

People saw my progress and began asking me for advice.

As I can talk about social media marketing for hours I realised I could help a lot more people than my nearest and dearest.


Which means I can help you.

There are lots of people out there offering social media marketing advice - so why me?

Because I'm a writer, like you. I'm a creative, like you. I know how that feels. Those worries that are zooming around in your head? Chances are I've had them too.

Plus I'm actually doing the things I'm suggesting you do.

I'm still building my platform as creatively as I can. It's here at A Bookish Baker. I'm still writing my book(s). I'm still doodling chickens and taking photographs.

And I have an aversion to being 'salesy'.

I've been through much of it already. And I'm constantly adapting and evolving as the social media world evolves. 

And I know that at the heart of each social media marketing strategy is your story.


How can I help you?

The Bookish Marketing blog, as it grows, is designed to give useful advice on creating an online platform. I'll also be adding tutorials in time. There's a Facebook page where I share useful and relevant articles from elsewhere. 

Every month I'll be writing a newsletter where I'm hoping to honestly share what has been working for me as I continue to grow my own writer platform. 

My mini ebook has been written with writers and creatives in mind. If you sign up to my mailing list you can download a free copy.

Send me my free ebook!

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My report and mentoring service is designed for those who'd like extra help.

You can book a report and I'll go through your current social media platform and suggest ways of improving it. 

The mentoring service is both the report and one hour chatting to me about any specific social media marketing issues you have. 


I can only help you As long as you're prepared to put in the work.

If you want me to create and administer your social media marketing strategy...well, I could, but that's not going to happen. 

The only way you are going to create an effective online platform is if you are prepared to work with me and we come up with ideas and plans together.

And you then follow through with those plans and ideas. 

I just wanted to let you know how magic it was talking to you. My brain is full of ideas and inspiration. Huge thank you, Helen.
— Melanie from Ink Blot Kingdoms

frequently asked questions

Once you have filled in the booking information and made your payment I will then send you a questionnaire. Answer this as fully as you possibly can as I'll use this to direct my report.

Once I've received your questionnaire I aim to get the report to you in one to two weeks.

How does the report service work?


As above for the questionnaire then you'll have the opportunity to schedule an hour in my booking system. I'll then contact you via Skype or Facetime audio and we'll address your specific issues.

We can cover anything you like in this one hour session. e.g Instagram, Pinterest, iMovie, Website design, content strategy.

How does the mentoring service work?


Monday and Tuesday are my client days.

What days do you work with clients?

I am 'to the point'. If something isn't working in your social media platform I'll tell you. If you aren't used to straight talking then I'm probably not for you. 

But I'm also compassionate and understand exactly how it feels to be out there online.

What is your style?


Absolutely. Just let me know if you want to continue your sessions and I'll send you a link to book and make your payment.

Can I book extra hours?




From 1st April 2017

For the report only you pay £65

For one hour mentoring and the report you pay £115


extra information

  • Payment is non-refundable and is made upfront. 
  • Appointments are available on Mondays and Tuesdays. If this doesn't fit in with your week then do email me for options. Other days, however, are not always possible. 
  • The questionnaire will need returning back to me at least 72 hours before our mentoring session.
  • I'll aim to get the report completed and back to you within one to two weeks, although during periods of high demand (and school holidays!) this might be longer.


Any further questions? Then drop me an email